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Submit An Article Or Tech Tip

Have a good motorcycle or chopper tech tip you want to share? Have a product review you would like to have posted? Send it to us!

If we publish your article online, you'll gain:

  • Name recognition online
  • A brief statement "pimping" your business or website
  • One-way HTML link back to your website

Submission Guidelines

All articles are reviewed by a human editor, and accepted or rejected based on the following criteria:


  • ALL articles must be about motorcycles or related topics. Possible topics include bike building, bike maintenance, shop tools and practices, painting and finishing, riding tips, rally and event information, biker hangouts, and motorcycle accessories. We lean towards Harley Davidson and related customs, but we certainly don't mind well written articles on metric bikes either.

  • We will not publish off-topic articles about Viagra, male enhancement, or any other Spam crap. All Spammers will be tortured and fed to our pet Pit Bull Frank. We don't publish racial or political nonsense either.

    Editor's Personal Note: We can't publish pornography either, but you are welcome to send us free samples for "research purposes".

  • We do not publish new bike reviews for any manufacturer. This site is all about building your own, not buying a new cookie-cutter bike. An exception to this would be to describing how to improve a new stock bike (performance tips, build one cheaper, chop a stock bike, etc).

  • We do except basic submissions for events, benefits, motorcycle shops, biker bars, leather stores, online parts retailers, etc. However, most of these will be published under the appropriate Biker Lifestyle topic, and not under Tech Tips or Parts reviews.

Editorial Guidelines

  • All articles are reviewed by a human editor. Reviews can take up to two weeks, depending upon the number of submissions. If we are interested in your article but require changes, we will notify you what is required. Do not send inquires about the status of your submission; we're working as fast as we can, and impatient authors just slow us down.

  • We only accept UNIQUE articles from the authors themselves or their publicists. We will not accept reprinted articles from other sources, even if you have permission to do so. Also, we will not accept an article if it is too similar in topic to other articles currently posted.

  • Articles should be short and to the point. Most internet readers have neither the time nor inclination to read page after page on a simple topic. If you have a longer article describing a multi-step or detailed process, we may still consider it. However, it may be necessary to break it up into multiple articles (Example: Sportster Head Porting - part 1, Sportster head porting - part 2, etc)

  • We realize most people submitting are not professional writers. However, please do your best to limit grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

  • We reserve the right to edit your article for accuracy, errors, or for space limitations. We will notify you of changes made.

Submitting An Article

  • Save yourself a ton of time and drop us a quick email before you begin writing. Email us a short description of what you want to write about, and we'll let you know if it's something we'd be interested in.

  • All article submissions and questions should be emailed to:

  • All articles submissions MUST include the following:
    1. A copy of the article text, pasted in the email body
    2. A basic working title, which we may change at our discretion
    3. Attach any relevant pictures, drawings, or videos to the email
    4. Your personal email address - this is for us to communicate with you.
    5. The contact information and summary of your business you want published with your article. Make sure to include your address, phone number, email, and link to your website.
  • Tech Tips
    All Tech Tips need to "solve a problem". If it doesn't solve a problem, it's not a Tech Tip.

    Keep your articles short and to the point. Submitting a 37 page article on rebuilding a basket case '47 knuckle from the ground up probably won't get published. If you have a lot to say, consider breaking it up into smaller articles focusing on one aspect of the rebuild.

    Tech Tip submissions should include the text of the article, a working title, and attach any pictures or graphics to your submission email.

    All product reviews should include manufacturer information, country of origin (if known), bikes it will fit on, pros and cons, and where it can be purchased (if known). You must also attach picture(s) of the product; attach them to the email. You do not need to edit pictures - we will do that to fit our formatting.

    80% of all Product Reviews are rejected because they are basically a manufacturer's press release. If you submit a product review, you must point out it's drawbacks as well as it's benefits.

  • Biker Lifestyle:
    Biker lifestyle submissions are very flexible. They can be full-fledge articles or simple links. Our editors decide where all biker lifestyle submissions are posted.

  • That's it! In case you missed it earlier, all submissions should be sent to . Thank you for your interest, and happy riding!

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