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This is a chopper building website. As such, we will only link to site related to choppers, and motorcycles in general. This can include vendors, shops, rallies, services, personal sites, or just about anything else related to motorcycles.

We will not link to sites not-related to motorcycles, which is determined at our discretion. We will not, under any circumstances, link to "link farms" or spam sites.

Recripocal Link

We expect a recripocal Link to our site for any link we place in this directory. We do offer one-way links to anyone who writes an article (that is accepted). Check our article writing guidelines for more details.

The link you provide to our site should be in HTML format, not Javascript or another language. It cannot have the NO FOLLOW attribute attached to it.

Copy and paste one of the links below, or create one of your own.

<a href="">Chopper and Harley Davidson Parts Reviews - Porkers Tech Tips</a>

<a href="">Chopper and Harley Davidson Tech Tips - Porkers Tech Tips</a>

<a href="">Biker Parties, Girls, and Lifestyle - Porkers Tech Tips</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Build Your Own Motorcycle Cheap and Old School Cool - Porkers Tech Tips</a>

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Include the title "Link Exchange" on the email. Make sure to include the URL of the website, any text you want in the link, and a brief description. Also, give use the URL of the page our link can be found.

An editor will approve or decline your link, and notify you.

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