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Your Shovel or Evo Need A Little Spark? Try a Dyna 2000i

By Robert Bane

Want to put an electronic ignition on your shovelhead or evo-style motor? Try the Dyna 2000i.

It seems like everyone is making ignitions systems for motorcycles these day, and it's hard to believe all the ridiculous claims that manufacturers and even your friends make. Cut through the crap, and go with a manufacturer that has stood the test of time.

The 2000 series ignition has been around for a while, and has always been a performer. One of their latest versions, the 2000i, incorporates a number of features. First, if you are building a kick-start bike, the 2000i can be set to fire all the way down to zero RPM. It can be run as single fire (which I recommend), dual fire, dual plug, or just about whatever kind of setup you want - all you need the appropriate type of coil(s). It has 8 advance curves, adjustable engine rev protection, built in timing indicator for timing without a timing light, pc programmable, stores a ton of different operating perimeters, and a ton of other features. It is also made with top-notch electrical components and current protection. The price is competetive at around $200.

Now there are many igntions that have similiar features, some at a lower price. But where Dyna sets themselves apart from everyone else is in service. No, I'm not talking about when you're sold one, I'm talking about when they finally burn out. All electronics fail eventually, so what happens then?

Let me tell you two stories about Dyna. First, a customer of mine was in Daytona for bike week. He got caught in traffic, his motor temp went sky high, and his dyna ignition burnt out, which actually saved his motor. He was stranded, so he gave Dyna a call. I'm not going to mention who he talked to so I don't get anyone in trouble, but the service tech next day aired him a new ignition to his hotel room, even though he hadn't even sent them back the old one.

Another customer had an older version that had burnt out after 5 years. The sales rep just happened to be in the shop when he was there, looked over the ignition briefly, went out to his car and brought him in a new 2000i. No questions asked. Over the years I have had 12 warranty issues out of the hundreds of units I have sold, and all were handled in a similiar manner. You can't put a price on that.

Now I can't guarantee Dyna will go to these extremes for you, but I can guarantee they will treat you right. And these days, that's as good as you'll get anywhere for any price.


Dynatech Performance
Phone: 1.800.928.3962




Harley-style carburated bikes and aftermarket motors


  • Good features
  • High quality eletronics
  • Spectacular service on warranty issues

  • CONS:

  • Similiar ignitions available for a little less money


  • Any dealer


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