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Chica's Gooseneck Frames By Santee

By Robert Bane

I've always liked the look of gooseneck frames, and Chica's is one of the cooler ones around. I like it so much, in fact, that I'm planning my next build around one.

First things first, however. These frames are not actually manufacturer for or by Chica. They are manufactured by Santee, which is Custom Chrome's brand. They were designed by Chica for Custom Chrome.

I've always been a fan of Santee's Frames. They are generally made with good materials, tig welded, and hold up very well. One thing that has always impressed me with any Santee frame is the accuracy with which the motor mounts are positioned. This chica frame is no different. I've used three Santee frames on projects, and on all of them the motor required absolutely no shimming - the motor bolts right in. I haven't been able to verify it with Custom Chrome, but it almost looks like the mounts are machined after they are welded in. Whatever, it makes this builder very happy, and will help the novice builder even more.

As I said earlier, I like the look of goosenecks, but it isn't for everyone. Just personal taste I guess. They are available in softail or rigid versions. It has a 38 degree rake, uses 1-1/8" DOM tubing, and uses a stock-length front end. The frame comes with an MSO as one would expect, and allows for a 180 with a belt (or 200 with a chain and Metzeler tire). It does not have tank mounts.

The downsides to these are I no longer know where they are made. They are still listed as being made in the USA, but I know almost all Santee production was shipped overseas. A sign of the times I guess. This is something Custom Chrome needs to clarrify as it does matter to many people. Also, for most people building a bobber these days, the price of $1500 is a little high for a frame.

But if you can get past these drawbacks and like the style, I would highly recommend this frame.


Santee (Custom Chrome)
Custom Chrome
18225 Serene Drive Suite # 150
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Phone: (408) 778-0500
Fax: (408) 782-6603




Harley-style rigid and softail components


  • Cool styling
  • Very good quality

  • CONS:

  • Price is moderate to high
  • Unknown country of origin


  • Custom Chrome dealers


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