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DNA Springer Front End Review

By Robert Bane

The DNA springer front end is the unquestioned king of cheap springer front ends by marketshare. But are they a good front end?

Many people will not recognize the brand name DNA as a springer manufacturer. That's because the bulk of their springer sales are rebranded by the major distributors. V-Twin (Wyatt Gattling), Midwest (Ultima), Custom Chrome, Mid USA, and Bikers Choice all re-brand DNA springers as their own.

So what is the major benefit of these? Quite simply, price. While a Paughco springer will cost around $1100, a Harley take-off springer can run $1500, and a world-class springer like Sugar Bear makes will run as much as $3000, DNA springers regular sell for $500. The material quality and chrome is decent, and they are decent in appearance. They do have removable fender tabs available that are sold seperately for around another $80 for a set for those of you that run front fenders. They also come in a huge selection of lengths, from -2 all the way up to +18. V-twin also sells neck adapters so these can be run on older sportsters.

On the flip side, the engineering on these just isn't there. In the 1970's most of the springer and especially girder manufacturers went out of business because of lawsuits for wrongful deaths involving their products. While these are an improvement over those, they still aren't where they need to be (but then again neither a Paughcos). For -2 to +4 length springers, there really aren't any issues, and I would feel very safe using them. However, at +6 to +10, I've noticed some serious bounce and flexing in them. They don't handle well at this length even with the correct frame geometry (rake and trail). Anything above +10, you couldn't pay me to ride one. (and I like anything radical, so that should tell you something). If you want to go above +10, I highly recommend you spend the extra money and go with a top-notch springer.

So if you're looking for a cheap springer from -2 to +4 length, I recommend these. Above +10, stay clear of them.


Phone: 800-608-4446
Fax: 310.767.4094




Harley-style bikes with 1" neck stems, sportsters with stem conversion kits from V-twin


  • Price
  • Sizes -2 to +18

  • CONS:

  • Questionable stability from +6 to +10 sizes
  • Dangerous over +10


  • BP Cycle
  • DNA dealers
  • Custom Chrome, Midwest, Bikers Choice, Mid Usa, V-twin dealers


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